Crossroads Massage Therapy

Mira Shea, MSOM. LMT


Cultivating Your ​Wellness​

Welcome to Crossroads Massage! As a practitioner I am honored to aid you in your quest for wellness. I strive to give top notch client based therapy and also guide you to the self care tools that work best with your interests and your body. By working together we can decrease stress, chronic pain and fatigue as well as increase an over all quality of life. I am excited to have the ability and opportunity to offer a safe, quiet and healing space. A place to unplug from the racket of the world. I offer a wide range of treatments that allow my clients to express what they may need on a given day. 

I also offer 100% cruelty free biodegradable lotions, oils and creams. I strive to build a Green Eco Friendly business. 

I am proud to be a part of the West Side Wellness Center! A beautiful group of independent healers ranging from Acupuncture to Mental Health practitioners, Massage Therapy and Nutrition.  Please check out West Side Wellness Center, it has a lot to offer in one location.

I look forward to working with you!

Covid 19 requirements 

The Washington State Department of health no longer requires masks to be worn in health care facilities. I only ask if someone is sick to please respect the health of others and stay at home. If a client would like me to wear a mask during their session, I am happy to do so.