Crossroads Massage Therapy

Mira Shea, MSOM. LMT


Mira Shea, ​MSOM. LAC

Mira received her Associates in Massage Therapy in 2001, Wellness Coach Certification in 2004 and her Masters of Science in Oriental Medicine in 2011. After much soul searching and education she has pulled her unique form of practice  together. She is  constantly growing her knowledge and application. Her passion in Massage Therapy has been focused on pain relief and stress reduction through Therapeutic Massage, Acupressure, Acutonics , Sound Healing, Chakra and Energy balancing and Aroma Therapy. As a healer she was always looking for a way to incorporate more noninvasive ways to treat. As a person she is ever searching for eco friendly and cruelty free alternatives.  Mira has a great passion for Sound Healing and Herbal and Energetic Medicine. 

In her personal time Mira enjoys hiking, kayaking, gardening and crafting medicine. 


My mission is to provide a safe, quite, healing space where people can come to unplug and recharge. 


With my practice I would like to open the path for others to engage in the connection to their bodies and the natural world around them. As a business owner I take great pride in Green, Eco Conscious, Cruelty Free practices and products. I also strive to join the practitioners of our community to build a synergistic network for the highest good of the clients and supporting one another as a family of healers.